We rely on our regional partners to help our incubatees learn and grow their businesses. We welcome partners as Mentors and Investors.


One important function of the HA/tch Business Incubator Program is to surround our incubatees with a dedicated team of experts who can help them with general business functions, such as marketing, copyright law, public relations, accounting, and web design. The majority of volunteers serve for about one to two hours each month.

If you or someone you know has expertise that you'd be willing to share with our incubatees, please contact us via email or phone at 936-294-2485.

The HA/tch Business Incubator Program is a proud member of the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA).



New businesses in any sector depend on investment for financial success. Part of our job in the HA/tch Business Incubator Program is to put our incubatees in front of potential investors so they have the opportunity to make their pitch and showcase why their product or service is a worthwhile investment.

If you are interested in investing in new technology companies, please send us an email or call (936) 294-2485. We're more than happy to give any additional information.